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Essential Things To Consider While Picking The Best Air Purifier

At present, air purifiers are used on a wide scale in lots of residences and workplaces with the purpose of making the air free from particles, molds and allergens. As a matter of fact, they allow the inhabitants to breathe clean and fresh air within the four walls while providing lots of health benefits as well. You will come across a wide array of air purifiers out there which are available in different sizes as well as prices. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned several guidelines to help you pick the right model for your personal requirements.

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1. Consider the position

At first, it is important to figure out where the device is going to be positioned. You can place them in rooms where you will be spending the majority of the time during the day, and in case you would like to move it from one room to another then you should go for a portable air purifier. However, it will be prudent to measure the dimensions of the room at first, and you need to select the one that will match the size of your room.

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2. The number of filter stages

The efficiency of an air purifier will depend largely on the number of filter stages. You will find a specification on the packaging asserting “4 filtrations” or anything similar. At first, the air is passed through a pre-filter while retaining the larger particles. After that, there can be other filters, for example, carbon filters. As a matter of fact, a purifier with several filtering stages is going to produce cleaner air.

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These filters must be changed from time to time, and this can be a problem in case you purchase an uncommon model. Consequently, while purchasing the purifier, make it a point to look for the availability of the replacement filters at first. Also bear in mind that the filters are obtainable at different rates, and the frequency at which you change them will depend on the model which you purchase.

3. Certification

The usual standard for the filters is HEPA, and the cost of air purifier with this particular feature is going to be higher. However, you will also come across inexpensive HEPA-certified air filters on the market in case your budget is limited. Always keep in mind to verify the registered logo on the packaging.

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It is imperative to keep your air purifier in proper condition so as to get the most out of it. Above all, make it a point to change the filters at regular intervals while sticking to the other recommendations mentioned in the guidebook as well. Also, take care to vacuum the external grill frequently since it is going to gather lots of grime while the air is pulled in.

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